Happy Thanksgiving Mom!

24 12 2011

Dear Mom – Happy Thanksgiving! No, this is not a manifestation of CRS disease (what Mom politely called “Can’t Remember Stuff” disease – I always used a different “S” word). I am very aware this is Christmas. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; Halloween was yours; I believe everyone but you and I vote Christmas as number 1, but I am probably wrong about that.

So for today, our first Christmas Eve Day without you in our lives, I choose to celebrate a personal Thanksgiving of sorts. Thanks from me for a life filled with adventure and excitement, knowing you would always be there if I faltered. Thanks for having my sister and brother, without whom most of this life would mean so little. Thanks from all three of us for being the greatest Mom. And thanks from our children (all of your Grandchildren) for whom you were “Everything”!

We survived Ben and Jamie’s wedding without you. We survived our first Thanksgiving without you. Today we will celebrate our first Christmas Eve Day without you. And tomorrow we will celebrate our first Christmas without you. I know you hated it when I used this word, but not having you here “sucks”.

You brought so much joy and love to our families, and we all miss you dearly. So let me make this Christmas season my season of Thanksgiving. Let me make every day the rest of my life a day of Thanksgiving. Without you, none of this would have happened. Without you, none of this would have mattered. We all love you very much – you will be missed forever – each and every day.