Sponsorship Conundrums – The Second Dilemma

11 03 2011

OK, OK, OK – enough about the “bad” economy. It is no secret that many companies are using the economy as a reason for whatever convenient unpopular decision they might have to confront. This is affecting corporate sponsorships on an enormous level. The same old excuses apply – “our budget is already spent”; “we are not able to support any causes this year”; “perhaps next year” (we hear this from the same companies every year – they could just as easily record it as part of their company answering machine message).

The truth is that many of these organizations are in a position to greatly serve the community, but have the chance to excuse themselves from participating because it is so much easier to blame economic conditions and just say no.

I am certainly not implying that giving sponsorship funding to needy organizations is remotely more important than providing jobs to the thousands in need of work. My entire point is that both issues are very important, and many of our greatest contributers supporting the Greater Kansas City area are doing neither.

It is time for Kansas City’s corporate leaders to mandate changes in their businesses to allow more support for community activities. What ever happened to Spiritfest? Whatever happened to Oktoberfest? People came from everywhere to attend those events. Rhythm & Ribs, as well as KCRiverfest are hanging on by a thread. None of these festivals are funded by the City of Kansas City – they have all relied (and still rely) on support from corporate generosity. These events help define our city, as well as generate real revenues for our economic base.

This is a major shout-out to our great corporate community – we need you – all of Kansas City needs you!




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