Groupon Integrity Discount

14 02 2011

What in the hell is wrong with us? Are we really anxious to return to the repressive 1950s?

Is there anything humorous about the troubles in Tibet – the hunt for endangered whales – the deforestation of Brazil? Absolutely! There is humor and fun in anything and everything – there are no restrictions – nothing is sacred – nothing at all. Groupon managed to poke a little fun at these venerable subjects while (tongue in cheek) promoting their clients. This is something that they do brilliantly each and every day. Check out one of the offensive videos – pretty damn funny. Dining in Tibet with Timothy Hutton.
Groupon ads are funny, engaging, eye-catching; and when they are really on target, side splittingly funny. They are resetting the standard for marketing and advertising missing since the late 60s. At least, they were.

In the 1960s, great writers helped break the political correctness barrier with the Harvard and National Lampoon publications, opening the doors for the Smothers Brothers and eventually Saturday Night Live, among countless of others. Of course, this is a vast simplification because it leaves out hundreds of other pioneers like Lenny Bruce and Redd Foxx. These visionaries were unafraid to offend, and they understood the value and the meaning of our freedoms of speech. We still have freedom of speech, but you damn well better modify your message lest you offend anybody – and by anybody, I of course mean everybody.

Andrew Mason, Groupon co-founder agreed to pull their controversial ads because pressure from dim witted, unimaginative consumers once again won the day. Idiots always seem to win the day. Stupid, obnoxious, intolerant, uneducated, uninformed, moronic, prejudiced, overly-sensitive, too-much-time-on-their-hands, mindless, useless, (not to mention the rest of the synonyms I am missing) people want humor with flatulence references, genitalia jokes, or any other form of scatological pratfall. Groupons levity might require their viewers and readers to think – it might even force them to reflect a moment.

To the readers and viewers from me: I am sure that Groupon is sorry for distracting your otherwise meaningless existence, but unless you are active in trying to correct the problems in these industries or cultures, you really should just shut the fuck up.

I am embarrassed to share DNA with our species at times like this. I am also disappointed in Groupon for not standing their ground and demanding the viewing public “grow a pair”. Will I continue to support Groupon for their progressive marketing efforts, or should I boycott the company for their conversion to wussieness?

I guess I will just have to watch. If their writers devolve into publishing the pablum reserved for general consumption, I will just discontinue my association with Groupon. I sincerely hope they stick with providing slightly edgy writing – I truly enjoy supporting great products whose marketers do not resort to appealing to the lowest common denominator. Groupon must continue to aim high to reach their target audience. I have upped my sights – up yours!




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