Entertainment for KCRiverFest

10 01 2011

Would we consider it? Of course we would!

Plans for the 2011 KCRiverFest are coming together and we are looking for great ideas for entertainment. The focus is on family entertainment, which puts a damper on some possible activities (biting the heads off of bats on stage probably a no-no), but Baby Jumping? Hmmmm.

Some suggestions so far:

Bathtub Races on the Missouri River

Floating Hole in One Golf Green with Bio Degradable (Fish Food) golf balls

Cirque du Soleil on the water

Spouse Carrying Contests

Cherry Pie Eating Contests

These are just a few of the goofy ideas floating (pun intended) around. Have something better – let us hear it! The stranger the better! The only criteria we have is that it must be safe (ok, so maybe the Baby Jumping idea won’t work), but it is worth discussing.

Let us know your ideas – hope to see you there!




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