New Years Resolution

2 01 2011

It’s that time of year. Time for reflection. Time to reassess values. Time to turn over a new leaf. Time for resolutions.

This year I fully intend to fulfill my resolutions. 100% completed – no excuses. With this in mind, I turn my attention to all of you. Although I am nowhere near perfect, I have resolved for you to change instead of me. This sounds pretty self-serving, but it will be easier for me to track and enforce.

Not interested? Let me remind you that it is easier to give than to receive. This way I can complete my obligations while paying it forward (I think we can all agree that you could use some improvement.)

Let us start by your promise to eliminate these phrases from your vocabulary: “ah-aight”, “that’s what she said”, and “I’m just sayin'”. Cute for a little while, but I am sick of them (more to follow).

This should be a great start for our next year together. I can’t imagine that you will have time to make your own resolutions, but if so I can’t wait to hear them. Not that it matters – happy new year!




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