4 10 2010

Everyone tells me I must have the best job in the world. Compared to coal mining, raw waste disposal, and life in politics, they are mostly correct. The glamorous side of Events is alluring. Traveling to Palm Desert, Puerto Rico, and San Diego certainly have their up-sides. The downside – the side no one sees (or should never notice), are the countless hours of research, paperwork, endless contact with vendors you have never worked with, facilities you have never seen, laws and restrictions you have never heard of, and contracts that seem to never end.

The reality is that the glorious and great side of this industry is in the teams of professionals I work with every day. The people whose butts I cover, and especially the people who cover mine. This is never a one man show. We rely on each other to produce fabulous events, trade shows, festivals – you name it. This is to be expected in any industry – talented groups of people working together can accomplish most anything.

The surprising thing to me about my business are the clients who totally “get it”. Obviously without clients, I would have nothing to do – making them pretty important, I guess. I have enjoyed the luxury of being surrounded by supportive, enthusiastic, and wildly imaginative clients. From the team that helped coordinate a Yacht Outing, to the teams that create memorable holiday and picnic events for their customers or employees (or both), and the numerous volunteers and vendors without which a festival could not happen.

I know it is terribly cliche, but it is all about people. Maybe I do have best job in the world (although ironing Paris Hiltons’ underwear would seem to be easier – still waiting for that RFP.) My respect, dedication, and love is all about you – you know who you are!