New and Improved

7 09 2010

It doesn’t really matter if you are on the internet, in a big box store, or simply need a new appliance. Need a new SUV – Coach Purse – Vitamin – Nautilus Machine – iPadlaptopPDA? It’s all about: “I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.”

So you buy something new because it will fill that place in you that’s hollow. Feels like an extra empty something aching for fulfillment. Surely you will be sated. But you’re not. You must have more.

That new thing will be better, more efficient. Faster. Flashier. Shinier. The apotheosis of your existence (at least until tomorrow.)

Laundry detergent is whiter, brighter, cleaner. Deodorant is constantly new and improved – there is absolutely no excuse for possibly smelling human.

Continue to purchase everything because we can always be newer, better, more evolved. Mel Brooks got it right years ago – “consumption be done about it?”




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