Blah, Blah, Blah

21 08 2010

So many useless blogs – so little time to read or write them – the grunting meanderings of the countless millions of Salinger wannabees – everyone screaming “MEMEMEMEME”.

I am dropping on my knees begging for a return to basic journalism. A return to syntax, spelling, grammar. An escape from OMG and WTF. Give me back my Vonnegut’s and Hemingway’s. Give me cohones, but with style and substance to go with the grit.

Most of all, complete sentences. I would kill for a complete sentence. Spelled correctly. With a noun, a verb, maybe even a nice descriptive adjective or adverb. Not asking much, but OMG, WTF – who do I have to blow to get some english around here?




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