11 07 2010

Mary Pepitone: “Short says the key to a grand gathering is to be organized and flexible when things don’t go exactly as planned”
Me: My mind goes in a million directions at the same time so nothing is ever really going as planned. ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) means you are always flexible because you always wondering “what if?” so I am usually ready to respond quickly because in my miswired head the incident has already occurred.

Mary Pepitone: “Because you have to be highly organized in your profession, is time in the kitchen an opportunity to cut loose your culinary creativity?”
Me: At EventPros (my company) I am surrounded by people who keep me on track – especially my Business Partner Bill Svoboda. ADD can be a definite skill set for my particular job, but without my strong support staff, there would be very little organization at EventPros. My kitchen at home is a different matter – I am always asked “what in the world is this?”, when I cook.

Mary Pepitone: “Are you fearless when it comes to food and organizing the events at which it is served?”
Me: Again, my staff helps pull in the reins when I get a little scattered. I am usually under control – it serves me very well because there are never problems, only opportunities; never a cloud, only a silver lining. Gotta go – look, there’s something shiny over there!

Mary G. Pepitone is a freelance writer who writes a nationally syndicated home column. She is graceful, charming, and delightful to work with, and recently published an article on me in the Kansas City Star. She can be reached at

The subject of ADD came up infrequently in our interview (unfortunately it was not included, most likely due to space constraints). This blog is strictly dedicated to Mary, and a slightly different response to questions she posted in her column. Many thanks to Mary and the Kansas City Star for giving me this forum!




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